Kiss – Hip Hop Classics – Various Artists

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Album Review by Neils Hesse

KISS has a good history of producing interesting compilations particularly in R&B. This double disc features some outstanding production from Dr Dre, the Neptunes, Timbaland, Warren G and performances from 2 Pac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Eve, Public Enemy No1 to mention but a few. It is a good attempt at compiling Hip Hop Classic collection, but it fails to pick some of the best and more original tracks from artists like Missy Elliot, choosing instead to use a decent but not classic cut of her’s.

Furthermore it repeats artists like Snoop Dogg & Ja Rule instead of perhaps adding other classic tracks from different artists. This does not mean that Snoop Dogg and Ja Rule are not good because they are, particularly Snoop Dogg who proves his talent on all the tracks that feature him on the CD.

Stand Out tracks from Disc One include:

LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND – production Dr Dre; Eve & Gwen Stefani give a grammy winning performance that definitely blows your mind.

NO DIGGITY – production Teddy Riley; Blackstreet, Dr Dre & Queen Pen deliver a thumping take on a Bill Withers classic

PAID IN FULL-Eric B and Rakim deliver their classic lyrically and bass heavy classic.

Standout tracks from Disc Two include:

REGULATE – production Warren G; Warren G and Nate Dogg prove that hip hop is and can be really cool with this great chilled track.

CALIFORNIA LOVE – production from Dr Dre; 2 Pac finally saw heavy worldwide commercial success with this heavy dance floor thumping track featuring the legendary Dr Dre.

SUMMERTIME – The Fresh Prince then Will Smith now with Jazzy Jeff deliver a classic summer groove.

THE MESSAGE – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five is another classic old school track

FUNKY COLD MEDINA – Tone Loc delivers a heavy old school with his trademark deep drawling voice.

WALK THIS WAY – Run DMC feat. Aerosmith is a trendsetting classic featuring Steve Tyler and Run DMC ripping up on the vocals scene.

NATURAL BORN KILLAZ – Dr Dre & Ice Cube; saw the reunion of Two Of hip hop’s greatest and original gangster rappers with a haunting production from Dr Dre.

GIN AND JUICE – Snoop Dogg on vocals Dr Dre producing produce a heavy, chilled old school style track.

PUBLIC ENEMY NO1- Public Enemy with the vocals provided by band members Flava Flav and Chuck D deliver a genre influencing track that was recently covered by Puff Daddy.

On the whole this compilation is a very good starter for the novice hip hop fan but for the enthusiast it could have been better. Still it is a good addition to any collection.

5 stars



1. Hot In Here – Nelly

2. Gravel Pit – Wu-Tang Clan

3. Fu-Gee-La – The Fugees

4. Ms. Jackson – Outkast

5. Phenomenon – LL Cool J

6. No Diggity – Blackstreet feat. Dr Dre

7. Let Me Blow Your Mind – Eve feat. Gwen Stefani

8. Foolish – Ashanti

9. Beep Me 911 – Missy Elliot feat. 702 & Magoo

10. Purple Hills – D-12

11. Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check – Busta Rhymes

12. Down 4 U – Charli Baltimore feat. Ja Rule, Ashanti & Vita

13. I’ll Be – Foxy Brown feat. Jay-Z

14. Ugly – Bubba Sparxxx

15. Party Up – DMX

16. Shake Ya Ass – Mystikal

17. Always On Time – Ja Rule feat. Ashanti


1. California Love – 2 Pac feat. Dr Dre

2. Who Am I / What’s My Name? – Snoop Dogg

3. Whatta Man – Salt n Pepa & En Vogue

4. Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

5. Regulate – Warren G feat. Nate Dogg

6. Public Enemy No.1 – Public Enemy

7. Mama Said Knock You Out – LL Cool J

8. Paid In Full – Eric B & Rakim

9. Rapper’s Delight – Sugarhill Gang

10. The Message – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

11. Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc

12. Walk This Way – Run DMC feat. Aerosmith

13. Sound of da Police – KRS-One

14. Natural Born Killaz – Dr Dre & Ice Cube

15. Gin & Juice – Snoop Dogg

16. Insane In The Brain – Cypress Hill

17. Don’t Believe The Hype – Public Enemy