KMFDM – WW3 Live

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Album Review by EDF

For a band that has been around for more than 20 years, it’s a wonder that KMFDM even sound fresh to today’s audience. Unlike Metallica, who you have to admit sound tired and aimless, KMFDM have had the foresight to change their sound and edge towards a more industrial sound that seem to suit their lyrics. WWIII is in effect a political album that takes its cues from The Republican Party in the U.S. The fact that others are told to choose between being “for or against us” is enough to fuel a few albums worth of material.

This live album shows just how tight KMFDM are and there are times when you think you are listening to a studio recording. All but three of the songs featured are from the original WWIII album and this is probably a good introduction to this German group. While most of the songs are sung with a musical growl, the addition of Lucia CiFarelli is a great vocal counter who manages to flesh out the lyrics. Even though the music is Industrial, fans of hard rock and metal should find the energy reinvigorating, if not even excitable.

5 stars