Lazy Dog – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

A double CD mix, LAZY DOG is best described as a mix CD for people who normally wouldn’t buy mix CD’s.

CD 1 features the Ben Watt Mix. Starting off Julien Jabre intermixed with Everything But The Girl, of course, we are treated to a jazzy style mix that Ben Watt is famous for. As all the tracks run into each other, which is the job of a mix CD, the tracks are not annoying enough to scare off anyone. You could play it in your own home with you and yours dancing away to it for more than an hour or you could play it at a party or have it has background music. What makes a good mix CD are the tracks that are picked for it. Here comes a list of the artists on CD 1. How many do you recognize? Julien Jabre, Lisa Shaw, Mark Grant, Dawn Tallman, Lee John, Sandy Rivera/Lt Brown, Urban Blues Project/Michael Procter,Sound Of Soul, David Anthony, Julius Papp and Kerry Chandler.

CD 2 is mixed by Jay Hannan. The beat here is more dance-able and the tracks have a more jazzy Latin house feel to them. Just like CD1 this is very enjoyable. The artists featured are Big Sexy, Jon Cutler, Lego, Negrocan, David Bendeth, Sandy Rivera/Jose Burgos, Isolee, Halo Vargas and Willy Washington.

Highly recommended if you want to forget your worries for a while.

5 stars