Liam Macdonald – Verge

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Album Review by EDF

Some people seem to embark on an interesting music career before they actually record their first album. The likeable Liam Macdonald seems to be a fascinating man indeed. Coming from Ottawa, Canada, Liam first took up guitar because a friend needed a guitar player. Years later, Liam got a chance to perform some of his own songs on national TV and actually got some offers from a couple of major record labels but somehow he remained unsigned. He got some friends to help out on the VERGE album and the result is captivating.

At times sounding like he is possessed with the lyrical soul of Jim Morrison and come to think of it some of the other members of The Doors as well, the songs are like nothing else you will hear on the radio. The style is rock with a mix of jazz, world and pop. The instruments featured on these songs include violins, saxophones, mini-Moog, Thai keen and Indian percussion. With this sort of experimentation, the songs are anything but dull. The second half of the album sounds like a mix of modern rock ‘n’ roll meets Roy Orbison. Throughout, you get a sense that everyone involved enjoyed recording this album. Presently, Liam is somewhere in Germany trying to get a driver’s license. Sounds like there would be enough material there for a new album.

5 stars