Liberty X – Being Somebody

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Album Review by EDF

If there is one success story where you can point out how those awful reality pop idol shows can actually produce an act that can command an ounce of respect, then it is not with these guys. In fact, the five members from Liberty X actually lost such a competition but crawled back and proved who should have really won it. Anyway, their second album has produced some more slices of the highest quality in pop and R&B.

On this release we have the Richard X produced BEING NOBODY and the next single JUMPIN. Even the big James Bond like ballad EVERYBODY CRIES is impressive. Liberty X even tries their hand at being soulful on the gorgeous THE POET. THE LAST GOODBYE features more emotion than can be found with other pop acts. Luckily before the ballads send the listener off to snoozeville, tracks like CLOSE YOUR EYES and LET GO burst out like a breathe of fresh air. I JUST WANNA is also enjoyable with its girls verses the boys approach.

I’LL BE REMEMBERING and STORY OF MY LIFE suffer from being bland and would have been more suitable as B-side tracks. Also at times just as the album is about to get a groove going, a ballad arrives to slow down the procession. FOREVER is one of these culprits with its acoustic setting and MAYBE for sounding too cheesy a track for these young pups.

The final track is WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE and Liberty X are going to have to find the answer soon or else they will become bland. The album has too many tracks and too many slow ballads. This is not a bad album, just one that could have been a great album if made with a little extra care.

4 stars