Life Of Agony – Broken Valley

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Reunited and back with a new album after eight years, Life Of Agony have picked up where they left off, with a set of sludgy, molten metal that owes more to Sabbath or Soundgarden as it does to the nu-metal scene with which they were lumped back in the late nineties.

Keith Caputo’s howl is still there, giving Chris Cornell a run for his money, and songs like the colossal JUNK SICK, opener LOVE TO LET YOU DOWN, and the epic title track will please fans of everyone from Alice In Chains to Audioslave. Despite the variety afforded by the odd piano ballad (NO ONE SURVIVES) or the bar room punk rock of LAST CIGARETTE, this is pretty straight-down-the-line, occasionally heavy-going, stuff.

Add to that a UK-only song (DNA) and you have plenty of reasons to pick this one up, provided you like your metal in a 70s / early 90s grunge style.

5 stars