Linoleum – The Race From The Burning Building

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Album Review by EDF

The follow-up to 1997 release DISSENT finds Linoleum trying to find an audience that will hopefully view them more then just Elastica clones. Just because women front both bands is near enough where the comparison stops.

The pop element side that Elastica favours does not influence Linoleum’s sound, which they have made their own. Saying that the tracks on this release have an attitude and an urgency here that should not be overlooked. While the guitar growls are more upfront the songs are catchy enough such as the singles SIRENS and the cover of The Passions I’M IN LOVE WITH A GERMAN FILM STAR.

Elsewhere there’s 29 and LIBERTINE, both with an easy going guitar melody, which could easily fit into a David Lynch movie. These tracks show a different side to Linoleum and one would wonder if any one of these tracks, including the brilliant TIL DAYLIGHT FOUND THEM, were to be released as a single would they find a wider audience.

The album finishes with the strange French sung track FIN that has to be heard to be believed.

Overall a satisfying album that should keep fans happy and might entice new ones.

4 stars