Llorca – Newcomer

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Album Review by EDF

Presenting dance music and I use that term very loosely here, in a fresh and interesting way, we have for want of a better way to describe it, a fusion of house and jazz. While there is a sense that jazz takes precedent over house, this is a refreshing experience for the casual listener to digest something that they are not familiar with.

Starting off with THE NOVEL SOUND this sets up for what the listener can expect the rest of the album to be like. The groovy bass organ matched with a double bass hook line will certainly catch your attention. Not surprising as there is a sample of Charles Mingus’ HAITIAN FLIGHT SONG. This is really only a taster to what comes next as INDIGO BLUES with lyrics supplied and sung by Nicole Graham contains another sample, this time it’s UMH UMH by James Moody. “Blues always gets me in a sentimental mood” is what the main chorus tells us and it conjures up an image of watching the sunset go down over the horizon. LIGHTS BEHIND WINDOWS featuring Julien Lourau on tenor saxophone has a heavier rhythm track that will get your feet moving if this was ever played in clubs. ANYHOW, with its house style rhythm track, features a Miles Davis style of trumpet playing supplied by Christian Lechevretel.

As well as INDIGO BLUES, there are three other tracks with featured vocalists. I CRY featuring lyrics and vocals by Mandel Turner has a desperate feel of loneliness as he laments his “tearful memories of you and I.” Ladybird writes both TRUE TO ME and MY PRECIOUS THING, the first single. Personally for me both these tracks are the highlight on this album, where music and lyrics come together quite nicely with Ladybird’s silky vocals.

LALO CAUGHT ME DANCIN’ and THE END are two more instrumentals which are easy on the ear but you start to wonder at times if the whole album has been recorded live or manipulated with computers. Regardless of which it may be, you don’t tend to worry too much about it as the hypnotic rhythm hook line pulls you in. Ideal listening on a hot summers day or night.

5 stars