Lords Of Acid – Greatest Tits

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Album Review by EDF

A while back I made a comment to a friend about how there were not enough bands who inject a bit of humour into their music. Then this collection just happens to fall on my lap. Who would have known that this CD would be filled with songs of sex and other unspeakable subjects, of which they are all without a doubt tongue placed firmly in cheek.

Starting with a brand-new track, the rock disco GIMMIE, GIMMIE, things goes rapidly down a sleazy hill with tales such as PUSSY, complimented with its Pet Shop Boys like bassline. I SIT ON ACID and ROUGH SEX could come straight out of an S&M club where heavy breathing could easily replace the synthesizer. CRABLOUSE sounds like a mish mash of sounds but does hold a few surprises. AM I SEXY was featured in the Austin Powers franchise Goldmember and is an enjoyable B-52’s type nonsense.

Second of the new tracks, STONED ON LOVE AGAIN is not the strongest of the three new tracks but fits in quite nicely with the rest of the album. MARIJUANA IN THE BRAIN is reggae flavoured, highlighting the side effects of said subject. NASTY LOVE is just full of sexual innuendos, showing off what LORDS OF ACID are capable of.

LORDS OF ACID have been together since 1988 and that’s why not all the tracks are gems. In fact, some of them have not aged well; TAKE CONTROL, a rave track and DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO both sound like products of their time. The same can be said for THE MOST WONDERFUL GIRL which was featured in the forgettable Sharon Stone movie SLIVER. The tracks meander off course until we get back on track near the end. Regardless, this is an enjoyable collection from the Belgian group that has managed to put a smile on my face and for that I give it an extra mark.

5 stars