Lotus Dog – Lotus Dog

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Any record that begins with a sample from Return Of The Jedi is getting off on the right track, for sure. Lotus Dog is a collaboration between TSO, also of fellow Ursa Minor band Moon Theory, and his sister Jolie, herself a veteran of the New York hard rock club scene.

Like Moon Theory, the swirling electronics paint discreet psychedelic brushstrokes, and there is a distinct Eastern flavour to some of the background melodies, although TSO is not averse to throwing in rap (BREATHE, CENTURIES) and bursts of processed guitar (SHADOW, MIRROR). The production throughout is superb with organic found sounds, bongos and even some Spanish guitar on THANK YOU.

Lotus Dog attempt to offer some hope to the victims of what they see as a world saturated by the media and enslaved to consumerism, and – whether or not that comes across – they do it in style.

Combining Jolie’s seductive vocals and a liquid, warm atmosphere this is occasionally energising, often enthralling, stuff. Go visit http://www.lotusdog.net and play with their dog toys…

4 stars