Louise – Biography

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Louise has sold over a staggering 4 million records and graced the front covers of numerous magazines around the world. She loves touring and has played live to tens of thousands of adoring fans. She is in a nutshell a national treasure.

At the height of Eternal’s popularity, when they had just scored 1.4 million sales with their debut album, Louise took the daunting move of leaving the band and pursuing a solo career. Her anxiety over taking such a courageous step was immediately quashed when she hit top ten with her debut, solo single, “Light Of My Life”.  Her debut album, “Naked”, went on to sell platinum and spent 27 weeks in the album chart. Louise had become a household name and she has never looked back since.

Her second platinum selling album, “Woman In Me”, carried 4 top 10 hits. Louise also decided to tour with this album. With a unique hook up with Soft And Gentle, Louise hit over 30 cities and played to over 100,000 adoring fans.

Prior to the release of her third album, “Elbow Beach”, Louise married her long-term boyfriend Jamie Redknapp. Their honeymoon soon became the inspiration behind the music on the album, and once again Louise had delivered an exquisite pop album, which saw her dominating the charts.

After being signed to EMI for over 10 years Louise decided that she needed a change. As a leaving gift to the label she consented to a ‘best of’ album being released. Entitled “Changing Faces”, the album crashed into the top 10 and spawned the #4 hit “Stuck In The Middle With You.” To support the album, Louise insisted on going out live again. She embarked on a 36-date sell-out tour in the New Year and was touring through to the end of Spring.

Louise has spent the last 12 months in the studio writing and recording her new album. For the first time she has had complete control over the recording process. She has been working with world-class writers including: Reed Vertelney – who has penned songs for Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson; Sylvia Bennett-Smith – writer for Destiny’s Child; and Robbie Nevil – best known for the dance smash C’est La Vie.  The creative dynamic between Louise, Bennett-Smith, Nevil and Vertelney, has produced an incredible, vibrant album with a strong rock sensibility. The first single “Pandora’s Kiss”, which was recorded in L.A and London, is due for release on 15 September 2003. This delicious slice of strident pop will turn a few heads – but that’s what Louise does best!