Malefice – Relentless

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Music Review by EDF

Malefice are a five piece from Reading, England that are going to rock your world. Actually if you are the sort of rock fan that appreciates a little bit of Bon Jovi, then please do not read any more of this review. Malefice are the sort of band that would blow any band off stage, ten miles away. They play hard, they play fast, they play slow, growl a bit and somehow it does not sound disjointed.

These guys are so tight, check BURNING SHADOWS, they make Metallica sound like kindergarten or would that be Soundgarden? You get a sense that Malefice have rehearsed long and hard to the point that the songs are played with a ferocious speed and make the various time structures in each song sound easy to play, which anyone who has heard their songs will know that it is anything but easy to play. With a new album coming out sometime in 2007 and almost certainly a tour to promote the album, Malefice could be coming to your town very soon, armed with devastatingly killer riffs that will show up on any Richter Scale.

5 stars