Manbreak – Dark Age

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

On playing this, I actually had to take the CD out of my player and check I was playing the right one. Manbreak claim to promote protest through “blistering” rock, have played shows with Live and Run DMC and have even toured the UK as part of a Kerrang! showcase.

However, for all their posturing and tales of incendiary live performances, DARK AGE sounds about as dangerous as a mildly confused kitten. Although produced by Steve Lironi, whose credits include Black Grape, this tired bluesy bollocks hardly evokes a band who claim to have been inspired by Rage Against The Machine.

I thought the Bill Laswell-produced extra tracks might have had a bit more punch, but alas, I was wrong. APATHY has a slightly shouty Senser-type scratchy intro, but then launches into a chorus that sounds like Ocean Colour Scene on their day off, while CRASH boasts lots of pretty strings, but will hardly incite mass riots.

…Except maybe for the exit.

1 star