Marillion – Anorak In The UK Live

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

ANORAK IN THE UK LIVE is Marillion’s umpteenth live album and aims to share some of the electric atmosphere of the band’s sold-out shows across the UK last year. The majority of the set-list is taken from the band’s last studio album, ANORAKNOPHOBIA, a record that secured them a place in music history by being the first release by a major act to be entirely funded by pre-paying fans.

This very fact should give people who thought that Marillion had split up years ago (most of the record-buying public; all of the music press) an idea of the level of fanaticism the band enjoy. And this has translated well onto the live recording. You can really feel that buzz from the cheering crowd as the band arrive onstage and launch into SEPARATED OUT.

Nonetheless, this won’t convert many new listeners to the Marillion cause – despite the band’s protestations to the contrary, there’s still something rather prog about these elaborate compositions and swirling keyboards. However, there are moments when the music shifts down a gear, and Steve Hogarth’s voice takes on a haunting Mark Hollis quality, that defy expectation.

Slipknot this is not. Nor is it trying to be. Marillion have a large and solid fan base without the help of promotional or press coverage, and I am sure have no desire to fake it to expand their target audience.

Dodgy album titles aside, the fans are going to love this.

3 stars