Mark Joseph – Scream

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Music Review by EDF

Multi-instrumentalist Mark Joseph managed to get into the Top 40 charts with the opening track “Get Through”, taken from his debut album “SCREAM”. Then when Joseph hit the Top 30 with his next single “Fly”, he tried his best to sustain his one artist verses the rest of the record industry stance and could not. He eventually signed to 14th Floor Records. Even though Joseph had originally recorded the songs on his album in one take, it was decided that the album should be re-recorded with some added orchestral overdubs. In fact, Joseph always believed that the tracks would benefit from some extra production. With top American producer Mark Tanner on board, all the songs now have a crisp and commercial sheen that have dragged the original sound into the commercial arena.

Raised on Britpop, there are signs of its influence on “Moody Blues” and “Bring Back Those Memories” where you can imagine Liam Gallagher singing these songs. “Give Me” is given a big lush orchestrated workout as the big ballad on the album. “Before I Waste My Time” is Joseph in his angry young man mood and for what to expect from the latter half of the album, unfortunately the songs come across as average. Which is interesting because you know that Mark Joseph has a lot more to offer and there is no doubt that his song writing ability can only improve. He has set himself a high standard and it will be interesting to see if he can sustain it.

4 stars