McQueen – Break The Silence

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Music Review by Neil Sadler

BREAK THE SILENCE – the debut album from this female, hard rock quartet from Brighton shows a confidence that is honed by 2 ½ years of touring – including supporting Aerosmith and the Foo Fighters. More heavy metal than punk, more tuneful than angry – Leah Duors vocals power through this album. More a rasp than a voice – Duors never sounds less than angry and you can imagine that she is a force to be reckoned with on stage.

The rest of the band creates a punkish wall of sound that rarely slips into formulaic heavy metal. Occasionally the guitar solos seem a bit extraneous and they could do with learning a few things from their punk ancestors and making the songs shorter and less fussy. You can tell that this is a band who have learned their trade touring and enjoy the power of a live performance. There could be a danger that they lose their power when in the studio but Evil Joe Baressi has managed to preserve the gritty power of the live performance.

Tracks such as the excellent NOT FOR SALE (which includes the great lines “Don’t remind me I’m a girl. Stop looking at my chest!”) and BLINDED BY THE HEADLIGHTS show that these girls can craft strong tunes that can easily hold candle to some of the acts they have been supporting and should see them building a big following of their own.

5 stars