Meat Beat Manifesto – Storm The Studio R.M.X.S.

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Album Review by EDF

Meat Beat Manifesto started life as a techno industrial side project from UK group Perennial Divide. They released their first album STORM THE STUDIO in 1989, of which this remix album is based on. Meat Beat Manifesto developed their sound be embracing other genres of music into their industrial bubble. As with all remix albums and especially this one, this is a real mixed bag that will not satisfy most people.

CEASE TO EXIST is a M.B.M vs. D.H.S. mix, sounding like a evil Kraftwerk twin with a mid tempo dark relentless beat. GOD O.D. is featured several times here: the Eight Frozen Modules mix is the Aphex Twin meets The Matrix and is the best mix here while the other two mixes, The Mellowtrons mix and the Jonah Sharp mix are dull electro affairs. The Merzbow Mix of GOD O.D.-Parts 2 is not much better while Norscq mix of GOD O.D.-Part 1 is a bit slow to start off with but is nevertheless decent.

STORM THE DUB mix by Twilight Circus Dub Sound System is an enjoyable electro funk reworking. DJ Spooky’s mix of SHADOW & SUBSTANCE is a jazzy beat driven track that shows a lot of promise but decides to be just average. The only other mix to take note of is the DJ Swamp mix of STORM THE STUDIO.

All the other mixes are disappointing that its hard not to believe that some of these remixers did not just press a button and let their computers do the rest. It would be interesting to find out what Meat Beat Manifesto would think of this remix album but to the casual listener, it does not answer the question to why anyone would want to make a fuss over this release.

3 stars