Melissa Gibson – Welcome To Stay

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Album Review by EDF

Nashville based Melissa Gibson follows up her debut album, “LIGHTHOUSE POINT”, with a fine collection if songs. While some observers will call Melissa’s music Country, there is a folk element through the songs compositions. Apparently influenced by Mary Chapin Carpenter and Joni Mitchell, the songs here speak a story and a frank, honest heartfelt look at life.

On the albums opening track, MILES TO GO, Melissa comes to the conclusion that she “just found more questions, in everything I analysed” before she can “know what life’s about”. The title track finds Melissa analysing where she stands in a relationship and realises that “to fall back into your good grace, where I’m at peace and all hurt dissolves to a tranquil quiet resting place”. NO ROOM FOR BLUE should and will shake the blues from anyone, as there is an awareness of the beauty of the world surrounding us. EVEN FOR YOU sings the praise of a lover standing by during the bad times and on SHADE finds Melissa reversing the roles. TABLE FOR TWO sees Melissa taking time out from the hustle and bustle that the world has to throw at her.

OK BY ME finds Melissa getting impatient waiting for her lover and decides to get away from it all. On THE RIGHT ROAD Melissa is in a confident voice knowing that she will find her way through life. AS YOU LEAVE is all about the break-up of a relationship, “I can’t say goodbye, even though I know it’s for the best”. SLEEP WELL TONIGHT is a great way to finish the album with its lullaby feel, “any worry, disappear like grains of sand, into the sea, gently, drift off to sleep”.

It’s amazing how simple and effective Melissa’s lyrics are to the point where the listener can relate to and absorb what each song’s theme is about. While this album is more folk than country, the musicians keep the sound simple but make their mark has worthy musicians. Pleasant and enjoyable.

5 stars