Metaform – Metaform

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Music Review by EDF

Sampled riffs followed by some hard beats greet you as “Get At Me” introduces you to Metaform’s world, which is basically a one man show. Somewhat of a recluse, Metaform hails from the Fillmore district of San Francisco and has captured the sound and rhythm from the streets. You would be gravely mistaken for taking him to be the West Coast answer to Eminem and tracks such as “Filly Me” and “Be That Dude” shows a groovier side that is missing from certain commercial hip-hop artists’ output. Such grooves are evident in the mostly instrumental “Rock It No.9” and when you hear those James Brown samples, you know that Metaform is a fan of soul, jazz and funk.

“Slam” whacks you back to the real world where Metaform’s intense vocal is reminiscent of the Beastie Boys track “Sabotage”. Of course Metaform can you also do tongue in cheek love songs, where in “I Can’t Love You” he is expressing his affections for a transsexual. There are also hints that he might turn into an American Psycho type character on “Nine Iron”. Overall, what we have here is a solid collection of beats and rhymes that not only show off Metaform’s influence, it should also set him along, and those that choose to join him, on an interesting musical journey.

5 stars