Metaform Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

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Album review by Natalie Homer

A many layered mood cake that combines just about every ambient genre out there. It will take you to the terrace of Café del Mar in Ibiza and back.

The hissing vocals of the first track is immediately reminiscent of Groove Armada’s deliciously chill ‘By the River’ comfortably setting the scene for the rest of the album. With overtones and undertones of the smoothest blend of funk, techno, electronica, hip-hop and trip hop, this 19-track collection takes you on a journey that weaves between velvet and spikey beats and grooves that hold your attention from start to end as the tracks bleed into one another.

Imagine you’re a guest at a dinner party with DJ Shadow, Tricky and Nightmares on Wax when all of a sudden Lemonjelly saunters in with Alice in Wonderland on his arm. It’s bit like that.

4 stars


01. Rock it Number Nine

02. Urban Velvet

03. Brick and Mortar

04. Sunday

05. The Telephone

06. Heaven can Wait

07. Let your Hair Down Girl

08. Lonely Boy

09. As if in a Dream

10. Crush

11. Barbie Doll

12. Lamenting Break

13. Bubblegum

14. PCH

15. Demo Submission

16. Deep Concentration

17. The Secret

18. I feel Good

19. Love and Loss