Michael Buble – Michael Buble


Album Review by EDF

Filling a void that has been left vacant by Harry Connick Jr., here comes Canadian Michael Buble who is projecting himself as a suave crooner. Backed by a Big Band sound, half of the job is already done for Buble, with just the vocals being the thing that matters the most. What is certain, Buble has a host of classic singers to interpret and gain inspiration from, but will he find an audience.

Starting with FEVER and one of my personal favourites MOONDANCE, both of these tracks are given a smooth, swinging treatment that breathes new life into these classics. Even George Michael’s KISSING A FOOL comes across as a timeless classic. FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE sounds more like a Sinatra tune than a Stevie Wonder track. Queen’s CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE does exactly as the song says, it swings and jives. SWAY follows pretty much the original, which is no bad thing.

HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART, a Bee Gees track, features guest vocals from Barry Gibb and comes across a little bit messy. The Sinatra favourite, COME FLY WITH ME is given a decent treatment that nearly flies as high as Ole Blue Eyes’ version. Overall this is a decent swinging album that can only prove to people who bought Robbie Williams’s comedic interpretation of Swing that this is how you approach classic and modern songs and with style.

5 stars