Michelle Branch – The Spirit Room

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Occasionally a new talent comes onto the scene and you immediately know that this person is going to be a major star. Michelle Branch is one of those talents. Her music exudes a quality that many performers never reach and THE SPIRIT ROOM is only her first album.

Most people’s first exposure to this very classy artist will of course be through the single EVERYWHERE, which is also the first track on the album. But how many times do we hear a great single from a new artist only to find it’s the only decent track on the album? Well on THE SPIRIT ROOM there are no duds! Everyone is excellent in its own way.

Michelle’s style is a little bit like Meredith Brooks but with more power-pop influence. There is real appeal to teens as well as those with a slightly more mature taste. And so many potential singles!

The track EVERYWHERE was featured in the movie AMERICAN PIE 2 and Michelle has also appeared on stage at ‘The Bronze’ in an episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Now that fact alone got my attention.

THE SPIRIT ROOM is already one of my favourite albums and I’m sure we are seeing a musical phenomenon in the making.

6 stars