Microburst – Microburst

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Music Review by EDF

Microburst is one man gang Chris Sallows who began playing guitar when he was a young child. He went on to play in various school and college bands. Some guitarists usually join groups so that they can get their music and ideas across within the classic guitar group format but not Chris. Instead Microburst produces electric based music combining various drumming styles and noise effects. Even though Microburst uses no sampled loops, Chris does attempt to produce a live sound which he has branched out on to the live circuit.

This EP begins with FALLEN HERO, a lively enough track that mixes trip hop beats with long drawn out notes that gives it an eerie feel. TAILS is an odd track that is not as much in your face while SPRING PLAIN comes across as a slight track. GLUTT INTER features a more aggressive beat than the previous two tracks and while there is more guitar here, it is not the featured instrument. Overall, there is a lot of thought put into these tracks but what it does lack to the listener is something visual to go with the music.

3 stars