Micronauts – Bleep To Bleep

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

With a title like BLEEP TO BLEEP, you kinda know what to expect from this. Having released a couple of critically-acclaimed singles and remixed The Chemical Brothers and Underworld, the duo of Greek-Canadian George and Frenchman Christophe release this mini-album. Despite its eight tracks and 45 minutes, this is essentially one track, twisted and morphed into a variety of shapes, and only really blossoming in the final ten minutes of BLEEPER.

The first four tracks have a Daft Punk feel to them, especially BABY WANTS TO BLEEP PART 2 with its “Rolling And Scratching”-style funk. Things get industrial with track five, BLEEPER _0+2 (I don’t know if The Aphex Twin inspired the song titles) – seven minutes of discordant noise jumbled up like the excesses of Nine Inch Nails’ “Fixed” – before returning to more beats and bleeps.

Probably the strangest bit of the record is the title track, a very chilly slab of isolationist ambience that I strongly advise against listening to in the dark. The remainder of the album is comprised of, well, more bleeps.

So, not one for guitar fans then. Still, you have to applaud the Micronauts’ obvious indifference towards record sales. This has a certain ‘avant garde’ appeal, but I doubt it would get many repeat plays.

3 stars