Milk Inc – Milk Inc


Album Review by Mark Bayross

Known in their native Belgium for a series of singles and for releasing albums with painfully-punned titles (DOUBLE CREAM, APOCALYPSE COW…), Milk Incorporated are Euro pop in its purest form.

From bombastic floor-filling singles like NEVER AGAIN, WALK ON WATER and LAND OF THE LIVING to calmer tunes like the ballad FOR NO REASON and the mellow trance of MIDNIGHT IN AFRICA, this is their first album release in the UK and collects together their greatest hits so far.

Also included is the group’s first single LA VACHE (ho, ho – they just ran with that cow obsession, didn’t they?), which was originally remixed by Praga Khan with fellow Lord Of Acid Jade 4U kicking off what was to be a succession of frontwomen, and became a massive club and chart success in France.

So, for those of you who thought Belgium was all chocolates, sprouts and Front 242, here’s some summery Eurotrash-friendly dance to pine over now the nights are drawing in again.

4 stars