Mimi And Boyd – Angular Island

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

As its title suggests, this collaboration between Mark Gage of Vapourspace and Michelle “DJ Punisher” Herrmann of Detriot’s Seismic Records is a sharp, metallic slab of minimalist techno.

Fusing Gage’s found sound ambience with Herrmann’s deft drum programming, the entire nine-track set was recorded live and mixed together to form one continuous hour of robot machine music.

Unfortunately, variety is not this album’s strong point – STRETCH + CONTORT has some bongos on it and SOCKET + SHAFT has what sounds rather fetchingly like wobbly sheet metal, but I’m really clutching at straws here.

While this will undoubtedly be some techno-fetishists’ idea of heaven, there’s only so much clanking and whirring I can take.

2 stars