Moby – Natural Blues

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Moby’s album PLAY was one of the albums of last year – a stunning blend of modern electronica and heartfelt soul, twisted into fresh, unpredictable yet still highly melodic tunes.

For me, NATURAL BLUES was one of the stand-out tracks of an already superb album, a highly affecting amalgamation of rousing piano and soulful, almost gospel vocals. It’s one of the tricks Moby is particularly good at, and he pulls it off beautifully.

The track is backed with two new songs – the aptly–named THE WHISPERING WIND is slow and quiet, with icy vocoder vocals, while SICK IN THE SYSTEM is even better – strings, piano and beats, with a simple uplifting chord progression. There is a second CD in existence too, with remixes of NATURAL BLUES, but if you have to decide between them, don’t miss out on the B-sides.

Buy this, and buy the album.

6 stars