Mondo – This Is This

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Album Review by EDF

With three members uniquely having different variations of their name, Nick Dixon, Nic Lloyd, Nicki Morgan and Jason Temple all hail from London. Must be fun trying to catch one of the three’s attention if they are in the same room.

Having been around for a little while now, Mondo has built up an ever-growing fan base. Releasing a number of EP’s and gaining favourable reviews from the press, they set out to work on getting the record labels interested in them. Signing to Mud Hut Records, THIS IS THIS has all the hallmarks of pure guitar indie rock. From the opening track ONE OF US through to the final track FOR WOODEN CARS, the songs express an urgency to get away for life’s troubles and demons. OUT OF THE DOWN is a cry of help while “the rope is tighter round my neck”.

ELECTRIC LOVE is another track that finishes like the previous one mentioned. A woman looking for friendship on the Internet finds a guy who might meet her “in the next world” and that’s the last she hears from him. It’s not all doom and gloom as the acoustic guitar and hypnotic keyboard sounds on ODES describes a dreamy, trippy feeling experienced while with another.

Of course, this might not be to everyone’s liking but this is a very promising album that showcases what Mondo should be capable of. Being the genre of music that London’s XFM station would play and not BBC Radio 1, groups like Mondo are going to have a hard time breaking to a larger crowd. Saying that, five years from now Mondo will probably be still around while today’s Top 40 pop acts will probably be looking for a second job.

4 stars