Mucho Macho – Death On Wild Onion Drive

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Somehow when Tim Punter and Neil Dunford (Mucho Macho) were making this album they found a way to pass an incredibly addictive drug from and innocent looking CD, through a hi-fi system and into the ears of the listener or anyone who comes into any kind of audio contact with the music it produces.

DEATH ON WILD ONION DRIVE is not only one of the most original titles for an album ever invented but it is a danger to any other artists competing musically because through owning this album you will be unable to stop playing it, so making the rest of your music collection unlistenable.

So you may have guessed I have become completely addicted to this totally original dance beat that Mucho Macho have put together.


I just can’t stop playing it!

6 stars