Muki – Munk Funk

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

This single is a taster for the forthcoming second album from Muki, the duo of Luke Mullen and Jules Evans. Their debut, 1998’s CABIN FEVER won critical acclaim from magazines (Muzik, DJ) and DJs alike (Laurent Garnier, Howie B, DJ Food), but won little commercial success.

Well, I can see why. The song titles give it away: substitute the “m” of the title for “sk” and you’ll come close to imagining the sound of the A-side; the B-side is called FUNKY SOFA. Unfortunately, this can only mean one thing: acid jazz…

…and I hate acid jazz. It makes me think of tedious chin-stroking, know-it-all fashion victims sitting around on bean bags comparing the frothiness of each other’s cappuccinos. No thanks; I prefer music that doesn’t bore me rigid in two seconds flat.

The DJ Venom remix improves things considerably: here’s why guys – things actually happen in his version – spacey sound effects, washes of keyboard and some fairly dramatic scratching. I don’t suppose he could remix their whole album, could he?

2 stars