Muse – Butterflies And Hurricanes

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

The most stunning track from one of the most stunning albums of the year appears as a single so that those who have yet to experience the genius of Muse can get a taste. It may not have the immediacy of previous singles like HYSTERIA or PLUG IN BABY, but BUTTERFLIES AND HURRICANES is such an astonishing song that it deserves as wide an audience as possible.

A head-on collision between burbling electronics, Rachmaninov and rock opera, it is thrilling from start to premature finish and I never tire of hearing it. If that wasn’t enough, the CD single is the first ever to feature the new u-myx format that allows you to mix your own version of the song and add or remove parts.

Maybe if more singles were of this quality, the record industry wouldn’t be stressing about the current lack of sales.

6 stars