Muse – Dead Star / In Your World

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Single Reviews by Mark Bayross & Kris Griffiths

Review by Mark Bayross

A nasty rumour had been circulating a couple of weeks ago that Muse’s spiky young frontman Matt Bellemy had killed himself. Naturally – and very fortunately – the rumour was unfounded, and besides, Muse sound like they’re having way too much fun these days anyway.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have put it past the cheeky trio to have engineered the whole thing as a publicity stunt, after all, DEAD STAR is the name of half their new double A-side single, a rumbling juggernaut of colossal riffs and the kind of dynamics that have made Muse such a whirlwind on the live circuit.

If anything, IN YOUR WORLD is even more operatic – swirling guitar figures and Bellemy’s famous falsetto really cranked up to the max. Of course, we’d expect nothing less.

Both tracks feature on the band’s forthcoming live DVD and album HULLABALOO.

5 stars

Review by Kris Griffiths

The mighty Muse return and pick up exactly where they left off with last year’s platinum selling ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY. The first track of this double A side, DEAD STAR, is reminiscent of HYPER MUSIC, part of a double A side released last year alongside FEELING GOOD. It boasts the same pounding powerchords and heavy drum rhythms as its predecessor.

The stronger track is definitely IN YOUR WORLD, retaining that whole rock opera feel in its main guitar riff twinned with the accentuated harmonics in Matt Bellamy’s distorted vocal. Muse fans will lap it up and beg for more.

Bellamy and the boys will be appearing at festivals all around Europe including the Reading Festival in August (2002). They will be releasing a DVD and live album entitled HULABALOO.

5 stars