Muse – Muscle Museum

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

As I write this Muse are currently working on new material for their second album, due for release next spring. They may have wowed crowds at over 50 festivals around the world this year and sold out their London gigs, but they have to keep the momentum up, especially with the eagerly-awaited new album by a certain other guitar band from Oxford just around the corner…

Hence the re-release of MUSCLE MUSEUM, this time remixed by the man who brought us Coldplay, Michael Brauer. Fortunately, he hasn’t wussed it up that much and it still sounds suitably huge in a Divine Comedy-meets-Pixies way.

The single comes backed by two other remixes – Soulwax fiddle with “Sober”, while Timo Maas feeds Matt Bellemy and friends through a stomping techno blender and produces something quite remarkable in the process.

There, didn’t mention R*d*o*e*d once

5 stars