Muse – Plug In Baby

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Muse hark back to the days when bands worked themselves into a sweat wresting a glorious noise out of their guitars rather than pissing around with Kraftwerk beats and vocals phoned in on a dodgy line from a callbox in the Outer Hebrides.

PLUG IN BABY is the first new material from Muse in a long while. Their debut album, SHOWBIZ, while fantastic, was rather flogged to death over the course of 2000. Not to worry, the follow-up is on its way now (as yet untitled) and this song reminds us why we felt honour bound to shower the band with unwavering praise over the last year or so.

This single may be co-produced by David Bottrill, a man whose CV boasts Tool, A Perfect Circle and dEUS, but you’d hardly know. Still, it possesses Muse’s soaring dynamism, a formula that can’t fail to increase the pulse rate, even if you can’t help a sense of déja-vu.

Hopefully album number two will stretch the musical boundaries a bit more, but this will more than do for now.

5 stars