Muse – Unintended

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Muse are in danger of being compared to Radiohead at every turn. This single should therefore dispel any such generalisations and confirm Muse as a band of true originality. Unfortunately, it sounds just like…Radiohead.

Of course, that’s not an entirely bad thing: better to be compared to Radiohead than the bloody Beatles like everyone else these days. This similarity is mainly down to Matthew Bellemy’s vocal delivery – he sounds like a pitch-perfect Thom Yorke, plumbing the depths of broken-hearted angst before soaring to a glass-shattering crescendo.

He is accompanied by hammond organ, spacey effects and acoustic guitar. As this drives along in the slow lane of elegiac miserablism, it sounds like a “The Bends”-era B Side.

unintended is moving and does sound suitably epic, but the feeling of déja vu kind of dampens its impact. I only hope that when Radiohead release their new album later this later, Matthew Bellemy doesn’t have to resort to impersonating Thom Yorke on ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ to pay the rent.

4 stars