Nadeea – Jealousy

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Music Review by Neil Sadler

JEALOUSY is collection of dance/pop tracks from the Russian-born former model and actress. Upbeat but angry, Nadeea’s slight vocals occasionally struggle to match the powering beats but she obviously has an ear for a good pop tune as these self-produced demos show.

She seems more confident when singing in Russian, than in some of the English tracks. Some these are annoyingly catchy, but there needs to be more focus on exactly what type of artist she is. Some of the tracks are electro and this suits her vocal style better than some of the poppier tracks where the production makes her voice sound slighter than it is.

Tracks like NOW OR NEVER or I’M NOT YOUR LOVER show that with the right producer, some good marketing and a few lucky breaks – Nadeea could easily make an impression on the charts – but I suggest she needs to be a bit more focussed about the type of material that best suits her talents.

3 stars