Naimee Coleman – Bring Down The Moon

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Last year the UK charts saw the hit release ‘Ordinary World’ by Aurora. It was an incredibly good cover of the old Duran Duran track. The female vocalist was Naimee Coleman and it must have given her some necessary exposure because now she’s released her second solo album.

It’s different to the Aurora release but it’s pretty good and Naimee has a really good voice. In fact the more you listen to it you begin to realise just how good. It’s pop genre if you want to pigeon hole it and a mixture of melodies to some faster stuff. It’s not too demanding and it’s not an out-on-the-edge exciting album but it’s very listenable and a lot better than a lot of the crap out there that so often falls into the pop category.

I’m sure there’s at least a couple of singles in there and given the right publicity we should be hearing a lot more from Naimee Coleman.

4 stars