Nascar 3D The Imax Experience

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A revved-up collection from Shout! Factory of 14 tracks, mixing mainstream rock, pop and country hits loved by millions of NASCAR fans, as well as this season’s new official NASCAR theme “Thunder” – this is the soundtrack to the hugely-successful IMAX movie NASCAR In 3D: The IMAX Experience plus bonus tracks.

The album includes new songs from platinum artists LeAnn Rimes and Steve Harwell (lead singer of Smash Mouth), plus songs from Sheryl Crow, Collective Soul and rock group P.O.D., whose hit “Boom” was featured in one of the film’s more memorable racing scenes.

Track List:

P.O.D.  “Boom”
The Allman Brothers Band  “Firing Line”
Lynyrd Skynyrd   “Sweet Home Alabama”
Sheryl Crow   “Steve McQueen”
LeAnn Rimes   “I Got It Bad”
Wes Cunningham  “La Grange”
Robert Belfour   “Hill Stomp”
Eric Colvin  “Earnhardt Remembered/Build The Car/Practice” (score)
Collective Soul  “Counting The Days”
Steve Harwell  “You’ll Never Catch Me”
Thee Shams   “Brothers Hot Wired“
Eric Colvin  “Qualifying/6 AM Race Day/Start Your Engines” (Score)
LeAnn Rimes  “Star Spangled Banner”
Dave Robidoux  “Thunder” (NASCAR Theme)