Nashville Pussy – Get Some!

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Album Review by Jonathan Dyer

Entering a name like NASHVILLE PUSSY into an Internet search engine leaves you wondering quite whether your firewall and virus software can cope with the potential results; in truth both the band and their latest album are as garish and eye-popping as a porno-style Dolly Parton impersonator clad in white leather and a few strategically placed rhinestones. Their nigh-on decade long career has seen the highs of a Grammy nomination and plaudits from names as diverse as Lemmy and Steve Earle as well as the lows bought about by numerous personnel changes and the odd game of musical chairs with record labels.

Any such setbacks have clearly been forgotten as the band rip into their fourth full-length album, GET SOME! Sounding as though they exist solely on a diet of raw meat, cheap amphetamines and gasoline NASHVILLE PUSSY party their way through thirteen good time rock ‘n’ roll tracks at a pace that would leave their Motorhead advocate gasping for breath; PUSSY TIME, GOOD NIGHT FOR A HEART ATTACK and HELL AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE doing pretty much what it says on the tin – two or three tracks in and you realise you would be fairly safe betting your vital organs on reaching the end of the record without hearing a string section or anything resembling a lovelorn lyric. The only serious negative here is the cover of Ike & Tina Turner’s NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS which is truly excoriating and should have been half-drowned in cheap bourbon and beaten to death on a disused lot somewhere in the Southern states rather than recorded for commercial release.

The relentless attack is a little too one dimensional at times; the “razor sharp wit” and “laugh out loud moments that’d do John Belushi proud” as billed on the press blurb must be well hidden and many of the tracks have a tendency to blur into one blazing riff-led assault, but there is much to like for the rocker who appreciates a dose of riotous rock with a Southern accent and doesn’t place too much importance on subtlety. For the rest of us, there isn’t quite enough to inspire the seemingly inevitable cheap pussy gag for the end of this review, let alone a download onto our MP3 players.

3 stars