Nic Armstrong – The Greatest White Liar

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Following on from his two singles, it is time for Geordie songsmith Nic Armstrong to release his debut album THE GREATEST WHITE LIAR.

Fusing the straightforward jangling of pre-acid Beatles, hints of Beach Boys harmonics and occasional guitar-wiggery of Chuck Berry, this collection of 14 short-but-sweet tracks is bound to satisfy all the retro rock enthusiasts out there. And, fortunately for Mr. Armstrong, there are plenty of them about.

At just over four minutes long, DOWN HOME GIRL is the epic of the set, while stand-out tracks include the vaguely psychedelic debut single NATURAL FLAIR, the rather pretty I’LL COME TO YOU and the comparatively raucous BACK IN THAT ROOM.

The tunes get stronger as the album progresses, but this is all a bit lacking in thrills. If all you require from your music is some nice shuffling guitar pop, then this album will undoubtedly suffice, but if you are looking for signs that music has moved on in the last 30 years, then you’ve come to the wrong place, Daddy-O.

3 stars