Nickelback – Feed The Machine [Official Video]

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The new album ‘Feed The Machine’ available June 16th, 2017

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Addressing those beneath from high above.
Convincing his belief for what you love.
Baiting every hook with filthy lies.
Another charlatan to idolize.

Is this suppression just in my mind?
No more questions get back in line!

Pay with your life, the duller the knife, the longer it takes.
But now it’s your turn, the ashes will burn, and wither away.
Leaving your bones, out on the stones, picking them clean.
Carving the truth, while harvesting you, to feed the machine.

The gears forever turn to grind the mice.
Will you become the fuel for sacrifice.
Power absolutely all for show.
The piper blows his flute and off you go.

Is this obsession behind your eyes?
No more questions get back in line!

Why must the blind always lead the blind?
(get back in line, get back in line)
Why do I feel like the fault is mine?
(get back in line, get back in line)
Why must the weakest be sacrificed?
No more questions, get back in line!
(just get back in line).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Director: Kyle Cogan
Director of Photography: Tom Kinstle
Producers: Megan St. John & TJ Connor
Editor: Kyle Dunleavy
Visual Effects Supervisor: Marty Kane
Colorist: Jason Grinde
Production Designer/Wardrobe: Matthew Steinbeck
Assistant Director: Austin Mills
1st AC: Mac Kozi
2nd AC: Denis DuBrock
Gaffer: Xaiver Otten
Key Grip: Danny Valdez
Grip: Ryan Zeller
Production Assistant: Jared Conley
Hair & Make Up: Devan Tomm & Cassandra Cogan
Fight Choreographers: John Trevanis and Almanya Narula
Location Services: Zombie Army Productions

Featuring: Miriam Lung, Hayden Wozny, Craig James, Jack Dwyer and Almanya Narula

Production & Post Production: Simian Design
Director Representation: Emily Sanders