Nickelback – The Long Road

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Album Review by EDF

Well, can it be done? Can Nickelback continue the revival that seems to be happening with guitar rock groups? One thing is definite; the follow-up to the successful SILVER SIDE UP is more of the same. Nickelback is one of those bands that demand the listener to play their album loud. The situation is that this is either going to be a great album or that the louder you play it, the least likely you have to think about how dull and average this is. THE LONG ROAD can be a bit of both, depending on your interpretation. You will either end up taking a wrong turn, leading you off the beaten track that leads you nowhere or you could be cruising down an open road.

From the first couple of seconds of the album’s opening track, you know you are listening to a radio friendly album. The first track FLAT ON THE FLOOR is a fast Metallica style track, possibly highlighting where Metallica went wrong on their ST. ANGER album. DO THIS ANYMORE and the first single SOMEDAY are typical of what to expect here. BELIEVE IT OR NOT is a dull by the numbers track, while FEELIN’ WAY TOO DAMN GOOD benefits on the quiet verse to a big build-up chorus formula. FIGURED YOU OUT is one of the highlights here while SHOULD’VE LISTENED almost comes across as angst ridden thanks to Kroeger’s delivery. Could this be a future single? In fact, nearly all of these tracks could be released as a single, showing how commercial Nickelback’s sound has become.

The best way to describe this album is how amazing Nickelback come across as a lightweight version of Metallica. The radio friendly songs are here and accessible. Lyrically, the songs are of the more familiar commercial topics found in rock songs than the previous personal demons drummed up by the gravel voiced Kroeger. The tracks are energetic enough to pump up some of the otherwise duller tracks from the boring zone. Overall, its enjoyable enough for fans and for those who are curious about the band.

4 stars