Nightmare Of You – Nightmare Of You

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Although Nightmare Of You comprise former members of pop-punkers The Movielife and the drummer from Glassjaw, CIV and Rival Schools, their debut self-titled album is giddy and light-headed with tunes in a way only pop music can make you feel.

The lightness of touch and occasional washes of synth may be miles away from the sweaty hardcore of their previous bands, but there are hints of darkness in Brandon Reilly’s bittersweet lyrics throughout the album, not to mention a healthy dose of illicit lust, most notably on the X-rated THUMBELINA.

It all ends with the retro psychedelic wig-out HEAVEN RUNS ON OIL and the realisation that, as what was once called emo evolves into something a little less lyrically soppy, its musical accompaniment is heading in the other direction.

4 stars