Nigo – Freediving

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Japan’s Nigo is a major celebrity in his home country, mainly for running the ultra-hip “Bathing Ape” clothing label. Over here, however, he is a little-known quantity. FREE DIVING is the second single to be taken from his forthcoming debut album, APESOUNDS, and it could just see him break the Western market.

This is mainly on account of the fact that FREEDIVING is a superb piece of guitar-electro-pop, as catchy as it is danceable, but with an air of melancholy à la New Order. The song features Grand Royal artist Ben Lee on vocals, synthesiser and acoustic guitar, and is produced by Nigo and Major Force’s Kudo.

The single also features a rhythmic, tranced-out South remix and a funked-up house remix by the Stereo MCs (where have they been all this time?).

If the album’s this strong, Nigo could become very famous indeed.

5 stars