Nilo – A Summer Song

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Review by EDF

Another quality dance tune from the Perfecto label is supplied by ex Black Box Daniele Davoli going under the alias Nilo. This uplifting track is simple in structure and with Orlando providing vocals, it’s hard not to feel good after listening to this. Backed with both a ten minute DJ Mazza Offshore Mix and the Sunset Friendly Mix, the latter is the better of the two.

5 stars

Review by Mark Bayross

A bit late to be releasing a summer song, isn’t it? As the British skies grey over and a chill returns to the air, the last thing we need is to be reminded how bloody sunny it still is in more Southerly parts of the world.

“A Summer Song” is a fairly simple affair, with an acoustic guitar and soulful vocals by Orlando, but it is actually the work of Daniele Davoli, the Italian DJ behind Black Box and one of the biggest dance tracks of all time, “Ride On Time”.

DJ Mazza’s “Offshore Mix” then extends the tune across a testing ten minutes, while the very chilled “Sunset Friendly Mix” starts all sparkly and ethereal, but then revisits the same vocals and guitar territory as the other two versions.

All very pleasant, but a bit run of the mill.

2 stars