Nio – Do You Think You’re Special

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

After the limited edition 12” RAGO, rising star Nio releases his first single proper. DO YOU THINK YOU’RE SPECIAL? boasts a pristine garage / hip-hop production and 18-year-old Nio’s breathy falsetto, making for a polished track that belies his young age.

“You’re telling everybody that I tried it / You’re trying to make me out like I denied it / Your imagination got the better of you / Don’t chat about me”…as the lad’s speaking from experience, it’s clear that growing up in Harlesden has hardened him up to the ladies. And just to add that extra level of street-ness, his mate Luc Skyz pops up with a supportive rap.

He is already starting to attract some mainstream media attention and much is expected of his debut album when it appears at the end of the year. Nio could well be the next urban star in the making.

4 stars