Nora – (Original Soundtrack) Stanislas Syrewicz

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Album Review by EDF

The soundtrack from the movie about James Joyce’s relationship with Nora Barnacle is anything but a happy listen. James Joyce, played by Ewan McGregor, starts up a relationship with Nora, which lasts for over 30 years.

While this sounds like a romantic movie, it is not. Nora’s failure to understand Joyce’s work constantly keeps their relationship in turmoil.

As this movie is set partly in Dublin and Italy, there are very few hints of this in the soundtrack as the quite piano and violin pieces paint a somber picture to the fate of these characters.

There are two Irish folk type songs here while the rest of the tracks are mostly one to two minute instrumentals of which variations crop up along the way.

I have not seen this movie and judging by the soundtrack I will not want to either. The soundtrack does not encourage me to take this out of its case and give it another play.

This one is a dust collector.

zero stars