Not Another Teen Movie – Various Artists

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

At first glance the movie NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE looks like an obvious choice for a hit various artists’ album and guess what – it is.

But it’s a soundtrack album with a difference because the theme of the album is a collection of hit songs from the the 80’s but brought right up to date and covered by some of the best nu-metal / alt-rock bands around.

Opening with TAINTED LOVE, not by Soft Cell but covered here by Marilyn Manson, and what a cover version? It’s a true Manson classic now. Orgy stand out with their version of BLUE MONDAY as do Saliva with MESSAGE OF LOVE. Mest perform an excellent version of I MELT WITH YOU and Good Charlotte come in with a memorable IF YOU LEAVE. The album closes with SOMEBODY’S BABY another great cover by Phantom Planet.

But wait, jump back to track number eight because that’s where you’ll find the absolute gem in this collection. Goldfinger’s cover of 99 RED BALLOONS originally by Nena is superb. Not only does it remind me how much I liked the original version but as well as really kicking ass, half way through Goldfinger do a verse in the song’s original German language which always was the more gutsy version of the two – 99 LUFTBALLOONS. (Nena is a German artist and the track was written for that language). Goldfinger manage to successfully blend the two languages and suitably power it up with a slightly harder edge.

Even if you don’t see the movie although you’d be crazy to miss any opportunity to see ‘Nasty Cheerleader’ the very hot Jaime Pressly, this is an excellent Various Artists’ album and a worthy addition to anyone’s CD collection.

6 stars