Novocane – Love Be My Lover

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Single Reviews by Mark Bayross, EDF and Kris Griffiths

Review by Mark Bayross

Ready to drag us all blinking into the sun and sangria of Ibiza, Novacane’s LOVE BE MY LOVER is a joyous slab of upbeat trance with its sights set squarely on this summer’s dancefloors.

The duo of Sam Spacey and Jonny Vaughan (not the TV presenter, I assume) provide club-friendly beats that are decidedly by-the-book, and American-but-London-based Penny Stevens Keller makes good with the uplifting diva vocals, so this really can’t fail.

4 stars

Review by EDF

What is best described as an all out dance / trance track, LOVE BE MY LOVER is all about flirting. Born in the USA but then settled in London, Penny Stevens Keller’s vocals are actually drowned out by over production on the radio edit. On the Extended Mix though, Keller’s vocals are given a bit more room to breathe over the manic trance melody. Not quite breaking any new ground, this is solely aimed at the Ibiza crowd.

3 stars

Review by Kris Griffiths

You can tell summer is on its way when the charts become clogged with banal dance and vocal trance tracks like this one. Hot off Sony’s Direction Records label, Novacane are led by Penny Keller who escaped Nowheresville USA and relocated to my own hometown of Ealing in West London. Funnily enough, LOVE BE MY LOVER is the kind of cheesy summer tune that would pack dancefloors throughout Ealing’s abysmal nightclub scene. A throwback to the mid-nineties vocal-led dance movement, this is definitely one for the pissed-up ladies.

2 stars