Oasis – Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

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Album Review by EDF

Album number 4. Is it any good then? Well there was always a chance that they would come up with something better than BE HER NOW.

Starting with the instrumental track F***ING IN THE BUSHES, this is a bit of a nod towards The Beta Band, who Noel Gallagher has been raving about for ages. Carrying on from this is the single GO LET IT OUT that has your typical big Oasis chorus. Not a bad thing when it works. PUT YER MONEY WHERE YER MOUTH IS has a repetitive keyboard hook that should have really been exploited and is actually more interesting than Noel’s guitar playing. GAS PANIC is the realization of a drug users shame that his past life was for the most part ‘sailing on a sea of sweat on a stormy night’. To lighten up the subject content, we have LITTLE JAMES which is Liam’s composition about his son.

WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG? is sung by Noel and is probably the weakest track here. This has more to do with the song than the singer. ROLL IT OVER is a towering track similar to CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA that actually promises better things to come.

Liam Gallagher’s vocals get better and better with each new album. On the other hand, Noel’s guitar playing is becoming a bit repetitive in a bland sort of way. Shame as for the most part, lyrically this album is fine. With hints that Oasis will release a new album sometime during the summer of 2001, this should keep the fans happy until then.

4 stars